The European Peace Walk was started 100 years after the beginning of World War I as a way to celebrate the current European culture of peace and honor the past war-torn history. 

After EPW founder Grattan Lynch walked the Camino de Santiago, he realized that he had never seen so many people from different places eating, laughing, and enjoying life together because "100 years ago, they would have been killing each other."

The walk hopes to bring awareness about the importance of peace. The European Peace Walk is a time for people to share and celebrate their differences and have conversations about peace and creating a global community. 

We would be delighted if you would join us--and hundreds of other peace walkers--on our journey through 6 different countries, crossing borders physically and crossing boundaries within. 

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WORLD NETWORKS 4 PEACE is an international organisation that supports peace and human rights. We want to be a bridge between people around the world who stands for peace and human rights respect. We want to give a voice to those who no one is listening too, and we hear them.

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