VIENNA, August 01, 2019 - Peace Museum Romania, the first Peace Museum in South-Eastern Europe and the also the first mobile Peace Museum in the world, has opened in Vienna. As of August 1, 2019, the personalities of Romania that have contributed throughout history, to the consolidation of peace and the defense of fundamental human rights will be on show at Peace Museum Vienna. Among these prominent personalities of Romania's history are: Alexandru Ioan Cuza, King Ferdinand, Ion I.C.Brătianu, Nicolae Titulescu, King Mihai I, Corneliu Coposu.

Peace Museum Romania (Muzeul Păcii România), the first South- Eastern European Peace Museum and the first Mobile Peace Museum in the world will be hosted by the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, between March 27, 2019 - April 12, 2019.

Dr. Denis Mukwege is a gynecologist and human rights activist. He was born in 1955 in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr. Mukwege was awarded the 2018 Peace Nobel Prize due to his years of efforts to treat the victims of sexual violence and campaign against use of sexual violence as weapon in armed conflicts.

BRUSSELS, January 19, 2019 - On January 19, 2018, Peace Museum Romania was opened, for the first time, in Rm. Vâlcea (Romania). The idea of ​​setting up the museum belonged to Magdalena Cristina BUTUCEA who collaborated in 2017 with the Vienna Peace Museum (Austria), during university scholarship.

KATHMANDU, Nepal, February 16, 2019 - “Today we had first annual Peace Hero award ceremony in Kathmandu, Nepal. 14 Peace Heroes received awards for their dedication to positive Peace! 5 medical doctors, sex slave rescuers, (last night they rescued 180 in India), pre-school Initiators, Rotary , and Rotaract!” said Elisabeth Blodgett, the founder of Peace Museum Vienna and international peace activist.

IEP is dedicated to developing metrics to analyse peace and quantify its economic value. Below we take a look at just some of the research produced over the last year: 

The 2018 Economic Value of Peace report showed the global cost of violence is at its highest level on record at $14.8 trillion in 2017, or 12.4% of the global Gross Domestic product. A staggering figure, it is equivalent to $1,988 for every person in the world.

BRUSSELS, December 10, 2018 - On this day, 70 years ago, the Member States of the United Nations came together to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This step brought the world together after the greatest tragedy in human history. We have come a long way since then.

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