MAGDALENA CRISTINA BUTUCEA is the Founder of Peace Museum Romania.

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Our mission

IN4P works for  a comprehensive, collaborative approach to peace and peacebuilding.

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Put an End on poverty in the world by implementing sustainable economic rules
A safe world for all children
A world beyond war
Implementing a global security system
Empowering Diplomacy as an alternative tool against war .


VIENNA, August 01, 2019 - Peace Museum Romania, the first Peace Museum in South-Eastern Europe and the also the first mobile Peace Museum in the world, has opened in Vienna. As of August 1, 2019, the personalities of Romania that have contributed throughout history, to the consolidation of peace and the defense of fundamental human rights will be on show at Peace Museum Vienna. Among these prominent personalities of Romania's history are: Alexandru Ioan Cuza, King Ferdinand, Ion I.C.Brătianu, Nicolae Titulescu, King Mihai I, Corneliu Coposu.

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Peace Museum Initiatives in Nepal

VIENNA, January 16, 2019 - Kunda Dixit, one of Nepal’s leading journalists, editors and media specialists, and founder-editor of the weekly newspaper the Nepali Times, used photojournalism to document the consequences of the decade-long (1996- 2006) civil war between Maoist insurgents and government forces that resulted in 16,000 deaths, nearly 2,000 people who disappeared, tens of thousands of wounded, and hundreds of thousands of displaced persons. Most of the victims were civilians.

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INMP Newsletter 26

We invite you to read INMP Newsletter 26. The INMP Newsletter is edited by Peter van den Dungen, Kazuyo Yamane, Ikuro Anzai, and Kya Kim.

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4 Projects Completed

Monitoring, investigating, documenting and reporting on the human rights situation;

Engaging civil society and national governments in order to prevent and ensure redress for violations of human rights;

Reporting publicly on human rights gains and gaps;

Ensuring that peace processes promote justice and equity;

Who We Are:

WORLD NETWORKS 4 PEACE is an international organisation that supports peace and human rights. We want to be a bridge between people around the world who stands for peace and human rights respect. We want to give a voice to those who no one is listening too, and we hear them.

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